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This competition series, launched in 2022, is inspired by FSF research into the benefits of nature-based solutions in urban contexts, carried out as part of our Building Natural Connections campaign.

For our first round, we’ve challenged architecture students from five UK universities to design environmentally and socially sustainable ways to bring nature into the city. This series marks the FSF’s first in-person competition since 2020, with workshops held in the Make studio followed by presentations to a judging panel.

Competition series

For this competition, we challenged students to design a nature-based intervention that promotes social inclusivity in our cities, with each team given an individual motif to inspire its response, like ‘exchange’ or ‘wilding’. We welcomed judges from the FSF and Make, along with AKTII, University of Sheffield, Future Places Studio and Urbik.


  • Peter Greaves
    Peter GreavesArchitectural Lead, Future Spaces Foundation
  • Sara Veale
    Sara VealeManaging Editor, Future Spaces Foundation
  • Nicolo Bencini
    Nicolo BenciniAssociate, AKT II
  • Laura Mark
    Laura MarkBaylight Foundation
  • Dr Renee Tobe
    Dr Renee TobeUniversity of East London
  • Rahul Vishwakarma
    Rahul VishwakarmaArchitect, Make Architects
  • Cara Bamford
    Cara BamfordArchitect, Make Architects
  • Lee Mallett
    Lee MallettFounder, Urbik
  • Cecilia Lindström
    Cecilia Lindström Director of Research, Future Places Studio