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University of Portsmouth

Caitlin Andrew, Amy Blencoe, Virag Farkas

Our proposal, ‘It Takes a Village’, harmonises intergenerational living and nature in the city through a dynamic exchange of ideas, experiences and environmental conscientiousness. Inspired by FSF research into these subjects, our scheme looks to transform residential urban streets into vibrant ecosystems with exchange at their core. The concept places children and elderly at its forefront, envisioning a community where their stories and strengths become vital elements of a shared tapestry.

Pedestrianised pathways and rows of cars replaced by trees serve as symbolic bridges between generations. This is a site for elderly residents to engage in empathetic exchange with young asylum seekers, offering mentorship, a place to belong, a stable home and an opportunity to learn new skills. We also imagine local children infusing the community with youthful energy and fresh perspectives, creating exchanges that transcend cultural and generational barriers.

The proposal envisions environmental sustainability as a collective responsibility, with all generations collaboratively tending to community gardens, fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment. The built environment serves as a canvas for ongoing exchange between the urban landscape and its inhabitants.

'It Takes a Village' harnesses the power of exchange – of stories, knowledge and care. Every resident, regardless of age or background, contributes to the collective narrative of a resilient, compassionate and vital urban community.