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Anglia Ruskin University

Calum Balmain, Kyeisha Bright, Zena Mahfooz, Theo Mckay-Cook, Reece Tapp

Children, teenagers, students, adults and the elderly all populate and visit cities, but not usually within the same location. Often, there’s a sense of separation between these age groups.

We’ve designed an intergenerational theatre to bring people of all ages to one site in the city. The theatre will hold shows for all ages, and teach classes in dance, music and drama at times when performances are not in place. These classes will apply to members of all ages, encompassing a range of instruments and dance styles, while the theatre pieces will bring the community together to watch.

The theatre is built into a grassland hill, with trees planted behind the audience as a natural acoustic insulator. Vertical green walls are situated on the walls of the steps to replace greenery removed from the site during construction, with a mix of planting that encourages biodiversity. Access to the theatre is granted via a slope, allowing for buggy access and wheelchairs. The theatre is a step towards an inclusive city, a space for all ages to visit and enjoy.