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Leeds Beckett University

Abdullahi Dahiru, Anamaria Csintalan, Elisheva Epstein, Paige Jones, Vlad Todica

The Growing Rooftops proposal will bring nature into Canary Wharf by creating modular ‘Urban Farms’ which can be adapted and applied to any flat rooftop in the UK. The intention is to connect humans, bio-life and high-rise architecture, incorporating environmental strategies and technological advancements.

The temporal structure of urban spaces results in movement feeling restricted within vital urban cities through the dominance of high-rise infrastructures. Restriction of access to public spaces creates segregation, constrained integration, and limited diversity, reinforcing existing patterns of isolation.

The lived experiences in cities are fostered through trajectories within public spaces. Our proposed intervention suggests how we can produce a nature-culture symbiosis - a dimension revitalising social-environmental relationships through communal networking. Our intervention proposes a linked network of publicly accessible roofscapes to advance social relationships.

London has the opportunity for creative, adaptive reuse of existing spaces to support the formation of habitats and redistribution of local native species. The masterplan uses technological advances and mixed reality to convey the newly formed growing rooftops at ground level through digital façade projection to explore the vertical relationship between ground, high-rise, and humanity. The proposals intention is to redefine the existing fabric into a greener city, promoting built relationships between human, bio-life and high-rise architecture.