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We teamed up with experts across the built environment industry – including designers, policy advisers, academics and community – for this campaign, which explores how the places where we live, work and socialise can both cause and combat loneliness.

We started with a roundtable to discuss how loneliness affects people, particularly in urban areas, and went on to publish a research report with ideas for reshaping our cities’ infrastructure to build better social connections. The report includes essays, interviews, case studies, recommendations and more, and has inspired a range of events, talks and workshops.


  • Alex Smith
    Alex SmithFounder, The Cares Family
  • Andre Reid
    Andre ReidFounder, KIONDO
  • Dr Andrew Stevenson
    Dr Andrew StevensonSenior Lecturer of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Daniel Blyden
    Daniel BlydenDesign Lead, Impact Hub Birmingham
  • Frank Filskow
    Frank FilskowArchitect, Make Architects
  • Ian Treherne
    Ian TreherneAmbassador, Sense
  • Imogen Webb
    Imogen WebbArchitect, Make Architects
  • Joel Charles
    Joel CharlesDirector of Government Relations and Impact, Future Care Capital
  • Katy Ghahremani
    Katy GhahremaniDirector, Make Architects
  • Dr Ken Shuttleworth
    Dr Ken ShuttleworthFounder and Chair, Future Spaces Foundation
  • Lee Mallett
    Lee MallettFounder, Urbik
  • Peter Greaves
    Peter GreavesArchitectural Lead, Future Spaces Foundation
  • Sara Veale
    Sara VealeManaging Editor, Future Spaces Foundation