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We launched this series in 2017 as part of an effort to provide more design-focused responses to the issues that affect our cities. We started with an in-house charrette that asked architects from Make and the FSF to design masterplans for a city block based on themes like ‘power’ and ‘play’. From here, we held two competitions challenging architecture students from five UK universities to envision the vital city in the near future, with a focus on density, health and wellbeing, connectivity, and sustainability.

For both competitions, entrants workshopped their ideas at the Make studio and returned several weeks later to present their final designs to a judging panel. We published their proposals, along with the results of Make’s own charette, in a printed compendium in 2019.

Competition series

This competition challenged entrants to choose a city, place it in the imagined context of the year 2025, and design a component of place – from an individual building all the way to a town plan – that builds on FSF literature around the principles of sustainable, vibrant placemaking. Our judges came from AtelierTen, Lendlease and the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design; we also had a journalist on the panel and representatives from the FSF and Make.