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This proposal aims to address some of the issues facing Worthing, the largest ward in Adur & Worthing. Its population is 9,800, with a high density and large population of residents who identify as ‘White: White Other’.

The most deprived ward in its borough, Worthing is the fourth-most deprived ward in West Sussex. Life expectancy here is the lowest in the borough, as is GCSE achievement. Worthing has the highest rate of benefit claimants and fuel poverty in Adur & Worthing, with the latter affecting more than 15% of properties in some areas. Crime and anti-social behaviour are key issues.

This proposal is based on the idea that fixing core urban issues starts with ensuring people love the place they live and feel like it belongs to them. It proposes a programme for living walls that would give local residents a beautiful green vista to enjoy and even nurture themselves. The walls take the form of plywood boards, made from recycled materials, slotted into metal frames attached to building facades. These could be filled with a variety of low-growing succulents that require little care to flourish.