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Situated in Sussex, along the south coast of England, Worthing is a classic British seaside town. The site I’ve chosen to address, Teville Gate, was once a vibrant shopping parade that led pedestrians from the train station to the seafront, but it now stands as a partially used car park and derelict office block screaming for attention.

The site is an ideal location for exploring the attractions Worthing has to offer, with an opportunity to connect the nearby train station to the beach. Local residents know the site has good accessibility; however, tourists avoid walking through it, as it looks unsafe.

My proposal aims to provide the community with an environment that encourages passers-by to slow down and experience being part of the community. Bringing back the old Teville Stream will remind people of the past and create a place to meet and socialise. The site itself will be unique to Worthing, with the layering of historic maps defining its past while bringing it to the present.