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Norwich University of the Arts

Alice Collins, Theo Galvin, Mimi Speed

Our proposal aims to enable residents in each building of the Battersea Fields estate to form relationships with each other through a high-rise bridge with 11 innovative allotments, one for each floor of the housing estate. The bridge not only provides access between the different buildings but also allows scope for accidental meetings between people. The form is aided by the displacement versus distance theory, not disrupting the urban city buzz but offering the alternative.

The bridge is accessible to the public during selected hours, ensuring inclusivity as well as safety. We have aimed to avoid gentrification at all costs. The cost-of-living crisis is pushing people out of their communities and the urban environment, damaging the relationship between the city and its people. We chose this site because an already established community resides here. Our project seeks to strengthen this relationship instead of forming a new one.