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Norwich University of the Arts

Kelsey Fordham, Alex Loombe, Megan Petts, Luke Potgieter

Play has become a lost art in cities, not only for children but for everyone. Our design aims to make play a key feature by providing a space that all ages can interact with. We’ve designed this space to allow for play that is adaptable and personal, and to grow with the communities who use it.

The design takes the form of a tree-lined path across a previously boarded-up green space in Peckham. People can help shape the trees by tightening strings attached to them and bending their branches to form archways and dynamic spaces. As the trees grow, mycelium panels shape and aid direction, breaking down organically once the trees outgrow them. The idea is to give this space back to the community with a focus on learning through sensory play.

Our proposal also includes spatial nests where communities are encouraged to grow produce in planters, build dens, throw wildflower seeds from dispensers across the grass, or just pause and be immersed fully into nature. Listening tubes in the treetops bring sounds of nature to ground level, while motion-sensor lights at different heights beam like notifications, draw people’s eyes towards nature, allowing them to discover through seeing. The path will be a safe walkway throughout the evening as well as the day, making play possible for everyone, at all times.