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University of Greenwich

Mahboub Alam, Billy Cameron, Haaris Khan, Richard Okyiri

We centred our proposal on the word ‘exchange’, exploring ways to safely and sustainably buy and sell second-hand goods online. As our concept evolved, we focused on an environment of exchange where the experience is more than just transactional and the ‘green’ aspects are functional. In a world where the high streets are dying, we’re look to revive a new kind of English farmers’ market: BüroLandschaft.

Our proposal introduces urban farms and local marketplaces in disused office spaces, looking to bring a more socially sustainable way to exchange goods and produce. Allowing the city to farm for itself will reduce global C02 by reducing the need for global trade and food shipping.

The financial districts of the world, with their large volumes of office space in areas of very minimal residency, are a key target for BüroLandschaft. Our suggested site is between 25 and 40 Bank Street in Canary Wharf, the former of which is home to JPMorgan. This location is ideal for the modular nature of our scheme, as both buildings are of modern construction, allowing for minimal modification to the proprietary BüroLandschaft components. That said, it’s a global concept, and its spatial designs are applicable to other locations.­­