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Anglia Ruskin University

Jamie Hardcastle, Jehu Kyari, Halima Mohammed

Our design brings nature into the city while also tackling the problem of energy within urbanisation. Oxford Street is the starting point for a solution that can be introduced globally. We envision a Green Walk that includes beautiful Vine Valleys hanging between buildings, spanning the width of the roads, with species specially chosen to clean polluted air, enhance biodiversity and promote wellbeing.

The Green Walk also includes Hubs located on the building roofs – spaces of nature, tranquillity and wellbeing. Hubs are accessible via an external, green-walled lift, designed to represent a tree, and feature a garden where fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown and irrigated by a rainwater collection and watering system.

Instead of pavements, Green Walk features energy boards that generate energy as people walk or cycle on top of them. Individuals gain points for doing so, which they can then use to pay for their energy bill or purchase food grown at one of the Hubs. They can use a corresponding smartphone app or visit self-service screens across the city to spend their points or even send them to others.

Green Walk brings nature to the streets, enabling the public to benefit from their own sustainable modes of transport while enjoying the benefits of nature.