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Berry Head

University of Portsmouth

Bruce Armstrong, Vladislav Attarian, Rheanna Clark, Mingming Guo, Shreya Koduru, Richard McManus, Zoe Reber, Jannis Richter, Sophie Stremel, Ashley Waitt

We envision this site at Berry Head as part of a larger scheme to rejuvenate the town of Brixham both economically and as a community.

Although small, Berry Head plays a rather abstract role in expressing architecture’s important role as a conduit between the normal and metaphysical – the everyday and the spiritual. This concept is slowly becoming lost to the age of modernity and can be seen as synonymous with, though certainly not identical to, religious space. But while religion might ebb and flow, a place to dwell spiritually is still a necessity in our minds, whether it’s in the city or in an isolated cabin in the Black Forest.

Our urban strategy focuses on decentralising Berry Head’s town centre and improving its transport infrastructure, approach into town and overall walkability. Under our vision, the town’s famous cliff remains a solitary place to relax and disconnect from the chaos of modern urban existence. With more and more people moving to urban centres, it is increasingly important to take advantage of beautiful locales like this, drawing on their intangible and ethereal qualities, which connect us to earth, sea and sky, providing clarity for the mind, body and soul.