Emeka Egbuonu

Emeka Egbuonu is a Community and Anti-Gang Worker based at the Crib Youth Project in Hackney, and one of the London Mayor’s mentors. The Crib is a social inclusion project that works with young people aged between 11-24 who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET); at risk of offending; or are in ‘targeted’ groups in areas that need support. The Crib believes delivering positive activities helps develop positive young people.

Emeka wrote his first book in 2011, ‘Consequences: Breaking the Negative Cycle’, which offers advice on tackling gang culture and youth violence and talks about how to encourage ambition in young people. In 2009, Emeka founded the Consequences programme of seminars, which equips young people with the confidence and skills to make good choices and avoid becoming involved in gangs or moving on if involved already.

Emeka was also on the frontline during the London riots persuading young people not to loot or get involved in criminal behaviour, and was one of the main speakers at Birmingham City University’s Understanding the English Riots conference.

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