Dr Peter Jones

Peter Jones is Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development at University College London (UCL). Before joining UCL in 2005, Peter was director of the Transport Studies Group at the University of Westminster where he carried out numerous research projects funded by organisations including the Department for Transport, the European Commission, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and BAA.

Peter is a member of the Independent Transport Commission, the London Roads Task Force, the UCL Grand Challenges Sustainable Cities theme leader for Transport & Sustainable Mobility, and Chair of the RGS-IBG Transport Geography Research Group. He is Overseas Special Advisor to the International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences, Japan, and a member of the International Steering Committee for the International Travel Survey Conference and a member of the Technical Committee of the South Africa Transport Conference.

He has also acted as a consultant to Transport for London, the European Commission and several national and local governments.

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