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    Loneliness and the built environment

    As part of the latest research project in our Vital Cities programme, the Future Spaces Foundation recently held a day-long roundtable at the Make studio on the topic of urban loneliness.

    The aim of the event was to examine the ways that loneliness affects people in urban areas, interrogate the role of the built environment in prompting and exacerbating loneliness, and think more deeply about how the places where we live, work and socialise could be shaped to improve social connections.

    We brought together a diverse mix of panelists including designers, policy advisors, academics, and community organisers. They included Joel Charles, director of government relations and impact, Future Care Capital; Katy Ghahremani, partner at Make Architects; and Alex Smith, founder of The Cares Family.

    Joining the Foundation again was previous panelist Dr Andrew Stevenson from Manchester Metropolitan University who participated in our Future High Streets report.

    Their collective expertise, from a personal and professional point of view, offers valuable insight into the variety of people affected by loneliness as well as the many causes of this multi-pronged issue.

    We will be releasing our report later in the year. Please email if you wish to be included in the mailing list.