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Norwich University of the Arts

Caitlin Meier, Alexander Dersiley, Molly Agnew, Chris Briggs

One’s wellbeing is often a reflection of their immediate surroundings. In cities we spend more time on streets than any other public space. Streets which are made for cars and not for people. Streets are the harbingers of the toxic ‘City Mentality’, and we believe the car epitomises this. Making up ~80% of our cities, streets remain disconnected and are often the most polluted and dangerous places.

Our proposal provides a resistance to the toxic ‘City Mentality’. A flexible street template that can be implemented across different urban environments. Taking a step away from the car and towards E-Mobility as a new sustainable mode of transport.

This new street template provides a more intimate and vibrant transportation experience. The Hyperlanes utilise inductive charging technology, which charges the E-Scooters as well as giving a speed boost. GPS technology tracks your location and restricts your speed for certain areas.

But this is not just improving a space of transit. It is transforming it into a community orientated environment that harbours playfulness, inclusion and wellbeing. Reclaiming lost green space and introducing hubs throughout the city provide not just cleaner air but more positive and colourful environments. The hubs bring a safe, well-lit and heated space for gathering and community events that can be used year round.