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Loughborough University

Jagoda Smulska, Jake Pickard, Caius Sharpe, Phoebe Benson, Lewis Foster

The ‘Digital Stream’ is an ambitious reimagining of a “Carless Society”, where city streets are not the old fashioned, basic division of left and right but a new stimulating and adaptable space that evolves to represent its people in aesthetic and accessibility. We aim to help the community reunite with the streets, making them safer and more enjoyable, and revive the city at its heart.

The ‘Digital Stream’ connects a network of screens to the heart of Leicester, providing walkers with useful information, local advertisements and the chance to participate in important discussions and debates regarding the communities.

In the heart the stream meets the valley, a series of rising and falling contour levels engineered to provide the necessary street features for specific times of the day. In the daytime where families and the elderly wander the shops we provide seating, however, at night the scene changes dramatically. The contours rise to their full height and a gallery starts to form. Art and murals printed onto the sides of the contour levels are revealed, created and voted on by the community via the stream.