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Norwich University of the Arts

Rory Wilson, Kate Carlsen, Matthew Meyjes, Andrew Johnson

Play - engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose

The idea of play as a vehicle for getting from one place to another interjects this architectural movement creating an interactive, immersive, seamless experience. The appreciation of how journeys now a days are a ‘waste of time’ has been reimagined and now the journey can become every part as important as the rest of the day.

The user whether they choose to cycle/scoot/walk/run can choose their selected path which snakes and perforates through the landscape weaving between one another whilst still addressing safety measures. The design addresses the multitude of public issues that are eradicated along the route with areas of exhibition and break out spaces which encourage the users to learn, engage and play whilst being intergenerational. Cyclists are invited to enjoy the journeys with the inclusion of optional ramps, dips and turns not only for a playful engagement but helping to hone in on those all-important bike handling skills.

The reclamation of our public realms and streets within cities through this playful worming scheme of engagement means that commutes/journeys can be enjoyed for years to come with the people are the heart of place.