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Anglia Ruskin University

Anna Zysk, Ian (hou) Choi, Bruno Rodrigues-Oliveira, Yash Shetty, Sam Jones, Harshita

Our pre-Covid streets were a congested, polluted landscape, dominated by cars, vans, lorries and roadworks constantly repairing our antiquated service infrastructure, surrounded by property designed with a focus on greed and selfish ambition, with inhabitants anxious, stressed and struggling to cope with the unsustainable accelerating speed of daily life.

An unhealthy future with little or no fun!

Our post-Covid vision imagines a city with no commuting, where the street is a people's place, for all to Play . A labyrinth of sensory delight, a fresh, green, lush landscape of pools, ponds, trees and waterfalls, a celebration of nature's biodiversity.

The streets are now a park, a garden, a gymnasium, a forest, a kitchen, a theatre, a playground, a classroom, a cafe, a connection to the digital realm, a multicultural diverse landscape of cultural expression, enclosed by a kinetic architecture responsive to the complexities of environmental conditions.

Floating decks, pontoons and waterside steps are interlocked with the rock pools and reed beds. The weeping willows, herb gardens and community aquaponics, merge with forests of bamboo and silver birch.

The ‘Fun Palace’ spirit has been projected across the City, updated and injected with water and biophilic landscapes. The street is now a place for all to Play.