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Manchester School of Architecture

James Jones, Sak Lam Vito Wong, Georgina Cantrill, Xii Don Lim

"The term “Performance” originates from shared emotions and human connection through mutual events that bring people together, a community formed from shared experience.

Our main concept was focused on specific spaces that are able to contrast these emotions and amplify them by giving the people the opportunity to interact with each other. Through the theme of ‘Roads’, modularity encourages the celebration of community and planners, interventions that can be customised and interpreted through economic and social change through active engagement with residents and passerbys: specifically through the decommissioning or changing use of disused roads with the changing times and sustainability in mind.

Our modular road solution facilitates 3 different acts with 2 designed nodes, dimensioned for roads typically disused in the UK. Three acts, split into market streets with slowed traffic, community overtaken roads beside apartments, and residential interventions form our response, with 2 designed nodes for play and rest areas. From buying and selling local goods (a seller/buyer relation) to igniting conversations during an event (viewer/ performer connection), we put into practice the meaning of social interaction and by encouraging this aspect of conversing and sharing, we give a chance for people to appreciate with what is around them, and make it their own."

- Xii Don Lim MArch 1