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University of Bath

Max Stembridge, Greg Wotton, Andreea Dragos, Nathalie Hurlstone, Yoel Gil Cobo,

You travel to work, go out for lunch and venture home. Journeys are
something we do everyday and the ‘Flâneur Ley-line’ aims to enable a
more wandering experience with less direct routes of movement from
place to place. The ley-lines are designed to break down the mindset
that traveling is just a process from A to B. The Flâneurial Ley-lines
facilitate and encourage sociability and constructive attitudes on the
streets with a more dynamic approach. This makes ley-lines less about
paths between grandiose structures and more about the paths of the

Time is the largest dynamism of the lines and enables a citizenry
involved process that bring the Flâneurial Ley-lines to life. From
different times of day to different days in a year, the lines will change,
adapt and be superimposed on each other allowing a stratigraphic
imprint on the street. Through their creation and evolution they will
appear and disappear in relevance.

When there is an interchange of lines propositional structures will be
established to serve a community. These will be in temporary and
permanent forms enabling the Flâneurial approach of the ley-lines as
people encounter the proposals on the relevant intersections.