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Anglia Ruskin University

Kellie Gillies, Alenka Noakes, James Taylor, Jason Kidgell, Anthony Carter

A lightweight frame constructed of pre-treated bamboo connected by natural hemp rope, creating a strong structure capable of bearing the load of the photovoltaic panels and nature contained within.

At its core lies a pump which takes rainwater that is collected and stored within the rocks, moving it to the top and releasing it as a spray to water the plants. In between the core and outer structure is space for wildlife such as bats to nest.

Planting has been carefully considered, with plants chosen specifically to complement the sun path. With a mixture of vegetation, foliage and flowers, the Smart Tree creates a habitat for wildlife to thrive.

The base of the structure is a biophilic design, a circular bench made of natural stone for people to sit and enjoy this space and nature within, internally it filled with stones to collect and store rainwater, using it to feed the plants as well as the life it contains.

Low level lighting, supplied via the photovoltaic panels, create a soft ambience so The Smart Tree can be enjoyed at night.

Designed to maintain itself and evolve in the way that suits its environment, the Smart Tree embraces biodiversity that can protect and restore nature in an urban environment, trapping CO2 within the plants, thus cleaning our air. With the ability to be placed in any outdoor setting, The Smart Tree provides a small, but important step in fixing our climate crisis.