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University of Portsmouth

Daniel Brown, Corey Matthews-Turner, Jacob Whatley, Michael Hill, Huw Jones

In order to increase greening within our cities, we have two main ideas. The first crucial part to our plan is to remove the dependency we have on privatised vehicles, the exclusion of them will allow for the removal of roads, which in return will reduce traffic and noise levels, reduce CO2 emissions and also provide a viable space to green.

Secondly we would like to introduce the idea of implementing skybridges which will connect to and from various existing buildings throughout the city, this will create a high level secondary pedestrian route, with a network of buildings connected at a high level it will encourage the use and purpose of roof tops, they will be transformed into green roofs.

The combinations of these two main principles will have a huge impact of the social fabric of the city, the network of green roofs will provide new dynamic places for people to meet and socialise.

Building and infrastructure facades integrated with vertical farming systems will provide locally grown and minimally transported fruits and vegetables for the public this will increase the wellbeing and health of anybody that uses the space.

Scalable direct carbon capture technology will be placed as street furniture to further aid trees and greening to remove the excessive amounts of Co2 in atmosphere.