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Birmingham City University

Pavels Jeremenko, Olivia Mack, Keti Cota, Emre Suner, Paveena Sidhu

Cities no longer concerned with how quickly we get from A to B instead with you and your life chapters story. Taking you down a winding path forget the hustle and bustle at the cities heart. Paths slow you down till you focus on the here and now.

Take a step back absorb and you'll see a space filled with life colour and beauty. Connect with the strangers of future, past and present and console in thee.

Once cold and lonely streets meet with only stern and stressed foe, now filled with happily giggling, relieved new souls. Soon you too will be part of the scene. Take your plastic set down and watch it grow into a new story tree.

Based in the year 2030, ST[OUR]Ys is a new city scheme in which the exchange of stories releases is from the confines of our lonely minds forcing us to interact and be free. Stories of trials, tribulations, goals and dreams, new interests are share, and knowledge set free. The pluralism of our stories is what epitomises the scheme.

My story, your story, our story, they all lie here scrawled onto the story trees or whispered into your ear. What will you learn? What will you find? A whole collection of stories here lies.