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Centre for Alternative Technology

Becca Illingworth, Ben Stone, Sash Onufriev, Waldo Olwage, Phillip Constantinescu

When given space to do so, communities can develop around a shared sense of ownership. This proposal utilizes the opportunity to reclaim the streets as cities become more people centered and less car dominant. Infrastructure designed for cars can be adapted to benefit local communities, helping to bring people together. As the roundabout, originally designed to manage busy road junctions, becomes obsolete we considered how these could be used to help create connections as physical nodes in the city, bridging boundaries of districts and communities.

These roundabout nodes are where people naturally come together, our proposal harnesses this opportunity to encourage more meaningful connections. Our proposal suggests how, over time, roundabouts could evolve into common spaces, to be used for collective activities such as urban agriculture, shared meals, and interactive games, which provide a strong foundation for genuine connection.

Street furniture such as bus stops would become an inviting place to stop and wait, with the opportunity to be part of the collective activity, rather than standing isolated amongst the crowds. Over time we envisage that these nodes of connection would seep into the surrounding city and create a vibrant hub of community activity.