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University of Bath

Sam Mclellan, Chloe Clacy, Yanru He, Lara Miller, Ru Quan Phuah


The pavement; re-imagined for an everchanging urban fabric to enrich the community and adapt to its developing surroundings.

The Living Pavement Framework (LPF) is a concept that principally relies of a set of modules that have been developed to work as a physical intervention driven by a local community to improve the areas we live in. Living Pavements are drop-in blocks of utilities and facilities, designed to fit in a standard UK parking space.

The LPF is driven by adaptability and ownership. By providing communities the autonomy to develop their streets as they see fit, creating a greater sense of ownership and pride over the areas we live and work in.

Each LP is selected based on the specific needs of the area, voted in and installed. After a trial period, modules can be upgraded to a greater degree of permanence and provide more benefits to the area. The more integrated modules become, the more symbiotically they work with other modules, creating a greener, cyclic system of waste management, power generation and food production.

By making the pavement a living part of the city, it no longer has periods of idle time, but constantly works in harmony with it’s inhabitants.