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Loughborough University

James Read, Amit Patel, Chloe Degnan, Artem Murakhovski, Aamani Patel

We have suffered too long in places of high carbon emission,
Jammed roads and packed grey streets, that is our current condition.
For too long, our streets have been clogged up with cars, traffic and congestion,
So what do our future streets look like? Well, that is the question...

It is time we rehumanise our roads and put people back within a thrilling space,
A space in which all walks of life; the disabled, the elderly and children, it will embrace.
Sixth Sense have created a place that humans will go to, not just go through,
It will have a positive wellbeing, economic and social impact on humans too.

The environment focuses on sensory stimulation through natural vegetation,
Kinetic light flooring has also been laid down as the foundation.
This innovative, new surface will visually attract others to discover more,
This is a new brighter way of life which we simply cannot ignore.

Parking spaces will turn into organic, communal areas whilst parking garages convert into residential and sustainable food crop production,
Effective, sheltered balcony blocks for inclusivity and an elevated bike path will also make an introduction.
By implementing these creative interventions, we will rehumanise our roads with a sense of community
As well as decarbonising the city, we will succeed unity.