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University of New South Wales

Gabriela Lauria, Kieran Maguire, Rueben Francis Rex

In the digital world, news is all around us. We hear things that scare us, we see things that anger us, and we compare ourselves against the world we believe we live in.

But why should we fear things that will never touch us? Why are we forced to think globally when there is so much to discover locally?

Technology distracts us from the beauty of our immediate surroundings. Our proposal turns the sidewalk into a maze that disrupts continuous flow and utilises mirrors to reflect the news of our immediate surrounding world. Walking on a clear path is an opportunity to get lost inside a screen. Walking through an obstacle course, however, requires focus and cooperation.

We envisage visual cues that turn into physical guides, encouraging users to top, contemplate, share experiences and create social connections. An intersection, previously a thoroughfare, becomes a place for connection – an ‘interception’. After all, it’s our feelings and emotions that shape our perception of the world.