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University of New South Wales

Ying Shi Vicky Feng, Wei Seng Ong, Thomas Surmon, Melissa Taouk

Technology permeates our society; people can instantaneously connect with others halfway across the world without leaving the safety and comfort of their home.

In some ways, however, we’re more disconnected than ever. This sense of disconnect is especially prevalent when people leave the virtual landscape. Loneliness is an ongoing challenge, amplified by apps and websites that convince us we have hundreds of friends.

Our proposal, The Glitch, is a digital platform that aims to mitigate social disconnect by stimulating the cognitive mind, altering the way people perceive their world through brief passive and active experiences.

Within these fleeting moments, people are encouraged to slow down and appreciate reality during their daily commute, to connect with their community.

The Glitch acts as a haven where people can connect either anonymously or face to face, unified through nostalgic and contemporary games. We envision it taking over Martin Place, helping commuters build a stronger sense of community by blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world and creating opportunities for social sustainability.