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University for the Creative Arts

Paul Johnson, Ethan Leach, Grace Lung, Anna Reeves, Marylin Rey

A table is a universal symbol for gathering. It could be specialised or manipulated, but the basic notion of a table remains the same. Seat people around a table, and it becomes a catalyst for connection.

Our proposal, The Table, is a performative installation planted on streets in vital cities. Users can come together for a communal dinner, bringing their favourite dish and exchanging it with someone new. They can play poker with people they don’t know well enough to anticipate bluffing. They can partake in speed dating, ping pong tournaments, or just simple drinks and conversation.

We envision a kit of Tables in each location, offering a unique and intimate space to connect. Configurations can change depending on the crowd.

The Table starts life as a viral campaign, with a series of popular social media posts and analogue advertisements reaching out to different communities, seeking togetherness.

The aim is to create meaningful connections and personal encounters. The Table is a simple urban intervention that fosters intrigue and interaction across different social groups, harnessing the positive power of social media to build new communities offline in a place that is accessible, effortless and free.