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University of Technology Sydney

S. Akiki, S. Jabbour, F. Kalaitzis, L. Smithers

Over the past decade, technology has had a major influence on the way people communicate, with social media becoming one of the most prominent forms of communication.

There are many positive impacts of social media, including access to instantaneous conversations and a platform to share experiences, interests and opinions. At the same time, it limits people to less intimate interactions and lacks the benefits of face-to-face communication, which helps people develop social skills and enjoy conversations with a higher emotional impact.

Our intervention uses technology to bring people together by suggesting local events and topics that might generate a conversation. Using a database, the device compiles social media profiles, and filters them based on common interests, experiences and beliefs. This is then used to socially map of the city for the user.

The intervention encourages people to take in information, go out into the city and form connections. The aim is to help revive Sydney’s diminishing nightlife and introduce people to events and places they’re unaware of. It’s accessible to all demographics and embraces inclusivity with an instantaneous translation system.

We’ve chosen the site of Circular Quay for our proposal, as the design benefits from the high foot traffic and large number of tourists in this area. However, it could be implemented in any city around the world and be just as effective.