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University of Sydney

Irena Astono, Raymond Cho, Dylan Tirtabudi, Ashley Valenzuela, Lim Chun Yan

Despite our increasingly dense urban environment, society tends to prioritise efficiency, eroding opportunities for social cohesion.

Our proposal, the SEED Project, combats this by providing a variety of experiential pods that encourage people in cities to break away from the rigidity of their day-to-day routines. It deconstructs boundaries among groups, and creates opportunities to interact and connect with others.

The pods’ function imitates the dispersal of a dandelion seed. Just as the seeds are swept away by the wind to settle and grow, the pods too are ejected and transported via an airborne mechanism to a distant location where they’re ‘planted’, forming environments that nurture connection and creativity. Our goal is to ease people out of their comfort zones, allowing them to set out new roots and form a wider circle of belonging.

The SEED Project also involves a central hub that acts like a social media newsfeed: people ‘scroll’ through the hub as they circulate the building, navigating various classes and activities as well as the artwork produced in individual pods. Both the hub and pods are publicly available, and promote accessibility and intergenerational connection. SEED is an initiative designed by locals, for locals, and will benefit the wider community.