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University for the Creative Arts

Sam Amer, Toko Andewas, Morgan Hone, Chris Johnson, Tyler Lemmon

Loneliness can happen to anyone at any time. It can affect people regardless of their class or social standing, and cannot be cured with a simple one-size-fits-all approach.

For many, religious belief helps reduce loneliness. Religion offers a sense of community – a shared belief and support in times of need. This feeling of belonging can be lost to those who don’t belong to a religion or believe in a specific doctrine.

Every religion has a calendar that specifies gatherings, celebrations and occasions for communal worship throughout the year, many of which focus on food and communal eating. Influenced by these calendars, we’ve created our own secular version. This calendar informs the uses of new community space called Laic Park, ensuring those without specific religious beliefs can share a home with those who do.

Our proposal envisions a multi-purpose park in Southwark with shared spaces for entertainment and communal meals as well separate ones for self-reflection. The park, which acts as a template for secular beliefs, welcomes everyone and can be used year-round.