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University for the Creative Arts

Adefunmilayo Adebiyi, Theodora Aristeidou, James Duffill, Christopher Jumbo, Cengizhan Sasmaz

Our design concept challenges loneliness by championing recreation and tackling the division among different age groups. The citizens of Lonely-less Towers are encouraged to come together within a natural space to achieve a common goal, gaining a sense of purpose during these interactions. Our proposal promotes communication as a means for eradicating isolation.

The idea is that through social interaction, users begin to feel accepted. Our design focuses on the elderly and young working-class citizens in particular, with a series of interventions that enable these groups to come together.

There are four proposed interventions, one for each level of the cylindrical structure: an allotment, an interactive playscape, a social zone and a trading hub.

The playscape is especially important and features climbable, movable blocks that are connected to the allotment. Users are challenged to make their way through the playscape and rewarded with fruits once they do. The game is interactive, and not only encourages communication but also allows people to challenge themselves.

This keeps citizens from various age groups engaged and encourages people from different generations to bond through the exercise.