Vital Cities, Vital Connections

Our international research on transport and connectivity in cities is out now! The Vital Cities: Transport Systems Scorecard reports on 12 cities around the world, highlighting the unique strengths and weaknesses of their transport policies and infrastructure.

The findings show that innovative data schemes have helped Singapore and London lead the digital transport revolution. Dubai and Houston lag behind others in sustainability measures due to their failure to promote greener forms of transport. Sao Paolo struggles to keep public transport affordable whereas Beijing is making cycling more accessible and safer.

For the full results please see our interactive data hub by clicking below.


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Our international transport study goes live!

The Future Spaces Foundation today launches its Vital Cities: Transport Systems Scorecard, an interactive data hub that awards connectivity ratings to 12 cities across the world. The research looks at key factors that make cities thrive – for example, breathability, bike and foot networks, use...