Vital Cities, Vital Connections

The Vital Cities: Transport Systems Scorecard reports on 12 cities around the world, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their transport policies and infrastructure.

The findings show that innovative data schemes have helped Singapore and London lead the digital transport revolution. Sao Paolo struggles to keep public transport affordable whereas Beijing is making cycling  safer.

News and events

Winning entry targets transport in the battle against urban loneliness

The latest Future Spaces Foundation student design competition challenged ten teams to design components of place to help combat loneliness and improve social connections in cities. Over 45 entrants participated from leading architectural schools and universities across the UK. They came together at Make’s studio...

Loneliness and the built environment

As part of the latest research project in our Vital Cities programme, the Future Spaces Foundation recently held a day-long roundtable at the Make studio on the topic of urban loneliness. The aim of the event was to examine the ways that loneliness affects people...