Designing for disaster

Words by Peter Greaves
19 June 2020
The press has been full of design responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, from futuristic office schemes to proposals for socially distanced public square...

Bridging the gap

1 March 2020
A resonant aspect of the loneliness debate is reconciling the prevalence of this issue with the diversity of its expression. Urban loneliness is a glo...

Design narratives and community bonds

Words by Shona Brannan
13 February 2020
Loneliness is a part of the ongoing struggle in the design of our cities. There’s a distinct tang of loneliness when inhabiting an urban environment...

Encouraging spaces of conviviality

Words by Daniel Blydon
17 January 2020
Last year I participated in the Loneliness Lab, an initiative to design out loneliness in London. Hosted by Collectively in partnership with Lendlease...

Living with loneliness

Words by Ian Treherne
13 December 2019
I’m from Southend, and I’m an ambassador for Sense UK in London. I’m visually impaired or, as most might say, blind. I have a loss of 95% of my ...

Combatting loneliness in the built environment

Words by Sara Veale
15 April 2019
How can we shape the physical spaces around us to improve social connections? This has been a central question for the Future Spaces Foundation since ...